Staircases & Spiral

staircase with open steel treads

One of five erected in Hadfield

Staircase 2

The feature staircase opposite is painted white to form a feature against the dark cladding. This was installed to a warehouse in Haydock.

Staircase 3

The lightweight staircase on the right forms a point of interest to an open office in a development in Chester

Staircase 4

The staircase opposite is an emergency escape stairway to a function room. As part of our service we will automatically check the details given to us to ensure that the staircase is suitable for the purpose. The picture shows our balustrade type WF2 which is a cost effective solution to the requirement.

Staircase 5

The example opposite is a partly constructed fire escape to a hotel in Bradford. The curved canopy is to take profile sheeting. The landings have a circular theme to give the staircase added interest. The entire structure has been galvanized to extend the life of the steel. When completed the structure will be painted to blend it's appearance with the surrounding buildings.

Staircase 6

This example is designed to give a very open feel to an office area Note that the stair is slung from the ceiling to omit support posts

Staircase 7

The staircase opposite has stringers set inboard The treads are Timer with a Brass nosing sat on 6mm steel plates The balustrading is type WF13

Staircase 8

The stringers & supports to this example are all manufactured from Tubular steel The balustrade has glass infill panels

Staircase 9

Galvanized Stairway with open steel type treads and Warrington Fabrications Type WF1 Balustrading

Staircase 10

Central Spine Staircase with tray type treads The central spine is manufactured from a large rolled hollow section (RHS)

Handball erecting internal staircase

First section is erected in one piece

Internal crane lift

First section in place

Next section is hanballed into lifting position

Lifting sections up the stair shaft